Sunday, December 5, 2010

Atheism Logical? NOT!

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The website noted at the bottom of this article claims that atheism obeys the laws of physics. If they truly understood physics, they might feel differently. (Then again maybe not, given that the Bible makes this frank observation: "faith is not a possession of all people." (2 Thes.3:2)) The site also claims that people who choose to believe in a higher power ignore logic & knowledge. They aren’t specific in what logic & knowledge they are referring to. Perhaps the theory of evolution, but I wouldn’t put words in their mouth.

So are believers ignoramuses that are completely gullible and ignore the facts? Before I answer that, I do agree with one note, even believers have noted it—yes, religions & fanatics driven by misguided fervor have been guilty of atrocities, even wars. That has turned many people away from even looking at the Bible because they assume (incorrectly) that the Bible condones such conduct—it doesn’t. And speaking collectively of all false religions (pseudo Christians as well as all other non Bible-based belief systems) the Book of Revelation collectively calls them “Babylon the Great” a harlot that lives in shameless luxury. That actually completely agrees with the atheist’s observation about religions bilking the people—all religions, that is, except the one true religion, which is a small collective minority in comparison to the world’s religions.

So atheists have sized up Bablyon in complete agreement with the Bible, whether they know it or not. But what about believers being somehow uneducated about the facts? I recently read an interview of a professor, writer & scientist whose fields include biology & especially neurophysiology, specializing in the study of chemical and electrical properties of nerve synapses, and more. This man was “raised” an atheist by an atheistic father. He grew up in the 1950’s & 1960’s when “free thinking” (as the atheists call it) was gaining momentum. He himself readily accepted evolution as if it were a foregone fact. But he changed. What fueled that change?—His own research. After noting the intricacies of the human brain and other balances in nature & the universe, he saw design. He had to admit it was not possible for all this to happen by chance. He even cites a well-known verse (Hebrews 3:4): “every house is constructed by someone, but he that constructed all things is God."

This gentleman went on to state that there are a growing number of scientists in all fields of study that are coming to the same conclusion, although many of them silently because of fear of retribution from those advancing evolution. This was pretty much the same case in Jesus’ day—there was those among “the rulers” (both religious & political) that were confident Jesus was who he said he was, but they feared peer pressure.

The atheists have put out a call to those of like mind “to come out of the closet” of being disbelievers & support the atheistic agenda. I would likewise invite scientists and others in advanced fields of study who have indisputable proof of design in nature (thus implying an intelligent maker) to come forward and stand up for REAL truth and not the mumble jumble of evolution as it tries to strong-arm others.

I remember when John Lennon’s song “Imagine” was released. He was of the same mind as atheists, “Imagine there’s no heaven…and no religion too.” Yes, lets imagine that for a moment. Atheists claim the world would be a much better place without a belief in God (or gods). Really!? So with no foundation in what is right or wrong or that we are accountable to a creator, where would that lead? Does anyone remember communism? Really, atheists are guilty of their own set of atrocities, but they conveniently sweep that all that under the carpet.

And what would the world be like if everyone believed they had no accountability for morals? Well, actually pretty much the world we live in today but much worse. Since atheism would never dare dictate morality or ethics, any general sense of conscience or principals, our law books would have to grow exponentially to address what is lawful and what is not down to the point of dictating every move we make (in dogmatic & authoritarian terms). Fahrenheit 451 presents a future American society in which the masses are hedonistic, and critical thought through reading is outlawed. In other words keep the people stupid and keep them all thinking the same hedonistic way. Sounds like an atheist’s paradise.

In short, atheists are right in sizing up the hypocrisy of the world’s religions. However, to throw the Bible in that heap is a huge mistake. And to say human misconduct is proof there is no God is as shallow as to claim that car manufacturers are guilty because drivers are reckless on the road.

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