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New as of 10/11/2013: Illustrations blog. Mostly original material, some heard elsewhere.

Reflections on Scriptural Topics
(Where verses are discussed, they are listed in alpha order, not in the order listed in the Bible.)

144,000 Are Chosen By God, Not Men (4/7/2017)
1 Corinthians 7:31 Scene of This World (4/13/2017)
1 Corinthians 15:14-19 (Who Are "Most To Be Pitied"?)
1 Timothy 2:6 Corresponding Ransom (4/9/2017)
2 Corinthians 6:1 Do Not Take For Granted. Do Not Miss Purpose
2 Corinthians 11:14, Satan's Disguises (4/15/2017) supernatural, occult, enlightenment
2 Corinthians 12:2-7 (Third Heaven, Paradise, Unlawful Words)
2 Samuel 7:1-3 - Acting Presumptuously Do Not Assume to Know the Path
2 Kings 18:4 Copper Serpent Idol (4/16/2017)
A Special Possession -- How? (2/24/2017)
A Surgeon's Quest for Clarity (3/236/2017) Paul Kalanithi, neurosurgeon
A Theologian Claims Jesus born in a House (3/18/2017)
Achan Impulse, The (Selfish Greed)
Adam & Eve: Justifiable Disobedience?
Anger Management Is unrelenting anger like murder?
Anxious vs Eager Matthew 6
Adoption, Why Needed?
Are Angels Gods? (Discussion of Psalms 8:5, Isaiah 9:6 "Mighty God")
Armageddon-Act of Love?
Arrogant and Close-Minded People (Personal lesson in humility. Luke 18:9-14)
Assuming Approval (1/2017)
Being A True Friend (My reflections on failed friendships)
Believe On The Lord Jesus (What does that phrase really entail?)
Benefits of Serving God
Bible--Fact or Fiction?
Bible Interpretation: Let the Bible Interpret Itself (4/5/2017)
Bible Reading: Annual, Recirculating (Provides a schedule based on Book/Chapter, not on page numbers)
Birthday Celebrations What does the Bible say about them?
Blowing Smoke (2/2017) 2 Corinthians 4:4
Brainiacks Dispute the Bible (2/2017)
Brotherhood of Mankind (Unity, not segregationism, defines true Christianity)
Business Insider Discredits Itself (3/26/2017)
Can We Earn Salvation?
Catholic Church in Decline - Statistics (3/20/2017)
Catholic Pope Successor to Peter?
Catholic Prayer Extorts Saint Joseph
Catholics' "Sign of the Cross" (4/7/2017)
Character Assassination (3/1/2017)
Chicken or the Egg- Which First? (2/27/2017)
Childish Attitudes in Adulthood (4/13/2017) Jeremiah 23:33-39
Christ's Better Resurrection
Christmas--Is It Christian? (Worst cases of bad conduct seen during this season)
Church Ranks Hemorrhaging (3/18/2017)
Clever, But No Cigar (3/2/2017) Philippians 2:5-7, CSB
Colossians 1:15 (Firstborn of all creation)
1 Corinthians 1:16 Jesus Made All Other Things (4/18/2017) Trinity debunked (again)
Colossians 2:8 Taken as "spoil," a captive
Colossians2:14 What does it mean to have our sins “blotted out”?
Complacency, "If Jesus Were Complacent" Use Jesus as a role model of what a true "man" is.
Consider All Joy (Don't doubt God's love when under trial. James 1:2-8)
Consistently Patient God (God' personality in both the Hebrew and Greek writings is the same)
Conscience--Clear or Seared?
Contentment--A Mark of A Mature Person
Convenience of Visions and Dreams (4/6/2017) Ramanujan - The Man Who Knew Infinity
Creation or Evolution: How We Got Here And Why It Matters
Credulous Thinking - Science and Truth At Odds (Evolutionists, atheists, science)
Crucifixion: Was Jesus Crucified? (Research by a grad student from a Swedish university)
Crying Wolf (7/5/2015) Also: Who Created God?
The Cross--Is It Something To Be Reverenced?
Curiosity (We are pounded from every venue to be more sexually curious)
Dealing With Death of Loved One
Death--History and Future Hope
Decency--A Boundary (Lacking in today's world but required of true Christians)
Deut.4:7 Incomparable God and People
Deut. 6:4 Jehovah is One Jehovah  (1/2017)
Deuteronomy 30:19 Heavens & earth as witnesses (2/2017)
The Devil--God Did Not Create Him (as a wicked creature)
Disasters Are Not Acts of God Luke 13:1-5
Dignity, My Definition
Divisive Arrogance (Jude's Letter. His warning counsel.)
Do Animals Appreciate Beauty? (4/10/2017) And, Why do we appreciate beauty?
Do Not Take For Granted
Does God "Discipline" Non-Believers?
Does Good Need Evil for Balance? (4/9/2017)
Dying Before Their Time (Consideration of Ecclesiastes 7:17)
Earth--Will God Destroy It?
Earth A Testing Ground? (3/19/2017) Heaven, earth, man's future
Exodus 32:14 In what sense did God “feel regret”?
Exodus 32:14 God Regrets (2/2017)
Fake News Seems To Be Popular (1/2017)
Fantasies and Consequences
Field Mice And The Lion (3/28/2017) Jehovah's Witnesses are not a threat to governments
For the Good of the Whole (4/3/2017) Older ones training younger ones
Forget Shovel, Bring In the Backhoe (2/2017)
Forgiving Repentant Ones Luke 17:3,4
How To Make A Big Deal Out Of Nothing (Evolution)
Humility--A Hard Lesson To Learn (Part of the Joseph-Life-Lessons series)
Human Compassion And The Vagus Nerve
Human Consciousness -- What Is It?
Human Eye And Evolutionists
Idol Worship From Heaven? (3/20/2017) Mary worship, Artemis
If Life Purposeless Why Argue Point? (2/2017)
Implicit Trust
Implicit Trust and Loyalty (3/12/2017)
Is All Religion Man-Made (2/2017)
Is God Aloof, Frightening and Impersonal?
Isaiah 28: Warm Blanket or Cold Straight Jacket (1/2017)
It Will NOT Be Late! (1/2017)
James 2:19 Demons Not Atheists (2/2017)
Jeremiah - A Prophet With Backbone (3/20/2017) Jeremiah 7:4, 8:5,8; 9:26
Jeremiah 9:24 Bragging, Trophy Case (2/2017)
Jeremiah 10:23 Directing Our Own Step (3/20/2017)
Jeremiah 23:25-27 Forgetting God's Name
Jeremiah 27:12-15 Why Go To Babylon? (4/17/2017) Determining who is speaking truth
Jeremiah: "It Makes No Sense"
Jesus Is Our Savior
John 1:1 (Trinity Teaching examined)
John 6:15 Kingship Declined
John 6:41. How is Jesus "Bread From Heaven"?
John 20:25 How Many Nails (2/2017)
Joseph – Husband of Mary (2/2017)
Just A Job? (Serving God should be an engaging, rewarding way of life)
Just Be Kindly Truthful (2/2017) Waning membership in churches, objections from those we meet
Justice--A Weighty Issue (Proverbs 11:1; Proverbs 16:11)
Justice, Patience, Leniency (4/5/2017) hellfire or death: Punishment from God
Keep Testing Yourself (recertification)
Lamentations chapter 3 Silence Is Golden. How does God view our complaining about our lot in life?
Learning: Make Learning Fun (The Secret)
Leviticus 5:1 Testifying to an Event
Liars. So Who is Lying? (Trinitarians would have us believing that God is the liar)
Light of the Nations (2/2017)
Logic of Science and Wisdom of Bible
Looking at All Sides (Exegesis vs Eisegesis) (2/2017)
Lost Donkey (4/4/2017) Chasing the winds of wealth, fame, position
Love Extinguishes the Fuse (Part of the Joseph-Life-Lessons series)
Love is Love is Love (3/14/2017) fallacious reasoning of homosexual culture
Loyalty: Confused Loyalties Loyalty to other humans compared to loyalty to God.
Luke 21:11 - Composite Picture
Luke 4:13 - A Convenient Time (Circumstances in our life Satan might view as "convenient" to tempt us?)
Luke 8:4-8
Luke 23:43 Where does the comma belong?
Main Bible Topics (flowchart graph in PDF format)
Mark 4:40 Lacking Faith
Marriage - Why Wait? Human maturity goes way beyond puberty.
Matthew 5:3 Appreciating our Need for God
Matthew 5:6 Hungry Thirsty For What?
Matthew 7:21-23, "Not Everyone Saying To Me..."
Matthew 8:10 Complete Confidence, Nothing Like It!
Matthew 8 vs 29 Demons Tormented
Matthew 12:43 What are the parched places and in what sense do the demons seek rest?
Matthew 13 The Different “soils”
Matthew 18:23-35 Debts and Forgiveness
Micah 6:8 (Walk Humbly & Modestly with God)
Miracles Demystified (4/11/2017) Sciences demonstrate potential
Miracles Getting Easier to Believe (1/2017)
Misogyny Not Promoted in Bible (12/2016)
Money, Is It Evil?
Money Versus Wealth
Moral Compass Watch out for moral magnetic interference!
Mormonism Makes No Logical Sense (7/23/2017)
Mosaic Law-Why?
My Determination (Dealing with feelings of worthlessness)
Names(?!) of God (2/2017)
Neural Nets and Intelligent Design
No Fence Sitting (1/2017)
Noahic flood - Why Did the Children Die?
Not Mere Hearers (Public declaration of our faith is required)
Not Perfect Yet (Phil 3:12, Planting and maintaining a garden)
Once Saved Always Saved (non-scriptural belief discussed)
Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires (2/2017)
Opposers: Handling Determined Dissenter / Opposers
Ostracized (4/16/2017) disfellowshiping, shunning
Our Hope Made Sure (12/2016)
Philippians 2:6, 7 What does Jesus’ being in “God’s Form” mean?
Philippians 2:6,7 Revisited
Pigeonholing God (or, God-In-The-Box)
Perfection (Three-Part Article)
  • Part 1: Perfection And Creation. How Does the Bible Use The Word "Perfect"?
  • Part 2: If Adam Was Perfect, How Could He Sin?
  • Part 3: Was Adam Perfect and Does That Mean He Would Have Lived Forever?
Plagiarized Fables? (Sorry attempts to discredit the Bible)
Poteyto, Potahto, Tomeyto, Tomahto (5/5/2017) (Does religion really matter?)
Positive Attitude Although Discouraged (Genesis 40:23) (Part of the Joseph-Life-Lessons series)
Prayers, Delayed Answers to (Reasons why they may be delayed)
Prayer--Jesus Provides A "How To"
Prayers for Peace Unanswered
Productive Activity
Protecting the Family Name (1/2017)
Proverbs 19:11 - It is beauty to pass over transgression In what sense is it “beauty” on our part to forgive?
Proverbs 30:12 Idealism vs Realism
Psalm 34:8, "Tasting God" (What does that entail?)
Psalm 105:17-22 (A Personal Lesson: Reward vs. Blessing)
Psalms 119:165 Love God In What Sense?
Punishment (Just Punishment) Death Sentence or Torture?
Purgatory - Another Unscriptural Lie (5/5/2017)
Purple Triangle Video: Interview with Simone Arnold
Racism and Nominal Christians (12/2016)
Raking Fire To Our Chest Proverbs 6:27,28. Passion and Sexual Desire
Raising Children and Pets (similar behavioral challenges)
Revelation 20:12 What are the contents of the “new scrolls”?
Road Trips (1/2017)
Romans 10:13 Salvation From God and His Son
Romans 14:8 Live as Belonging to Jehovah (Sixteen Tons)
RSV and the No-Name God
Russia, Public Opinion, And Jehovah's Witnesses (5/2/2017)
Ruth - Book of (3/16/2017) Lessons gleaned
Satan, God of this System-How?
Satan - A Sentient Being?
Satan's Shrewd Wording (4/9/2017) Satan's temptation of Eve and Jesus
Seeing the Invisible (2/2017)
Shallow Research (Huffington Post article on Millennials and view of religion)
Shifting the Blame (2/27/2017) (Deuteronomy 31:16,17)
Should Our Beliefs Be Kept Private?
Sin-Missing The Mark
Sly Wolves (Misrepresenting truth and the Bible)
Sons of Moses -- Whatever Happened to Them? (4/25/2017)
Soul, Can It Die?
Sowing Seed, Luke 8:4-8
Splattering Blood Saves Lives? (What really saved the Israelites?)
Studying--Getting A Rich Spiritual Tan
Street Smarts (2/2017)
Structure In Universe (Science confirms the Bible)
Survival Of The Fittest
Take Pleasure In Weaknesses (2 Cor.12:10; 1 Peter 3:15)
Tent of God (What is God's Tent--Revelation 21:3)
Tests--How Does God Test Us?
That Should Not Happen (Does gross sin mean the religion is bad and the person completely corrupt?)
Them's Fightin' Words! (Commentary on Eph.6:12-17)
Thomas' Statement (at John 20:28) - Does it prove Jesus is God?
Tomb of Jesus (3/24/2017)
Tools (Learning About Tools)
True Christianity - It's Defining Characteristics
True Righteousness - Romans 14:17
Types of Christians (Foxhole, Armchair, Pew Warmer, Active-Authentic, Extremist)
Understanding Why Not Always Important (Example of Job)
Unmatched Generosity (2/2017)
Unreserved Commitment Is Primary
Unseen Exists: Claiming to believe only in what can be seen ignores the facts.
Valuable Restoration (Leonardo da Vinci painting shot)
Vine’s Dictionary (2/2017)
Walk With God--How?
Was Jesus' Death A Human Sacrifice? (4/5/2017)
We Are Our Own Worst Enemy Feelings of worthlessness and guilt can ruin our faith
The Weight of Evidence, Numbers, and History (12/2016)
Vehement Hatred is Usually Narrow-Minded (3/27/2017) hatred of God unreasonable
Were Our Ancestors Dummies?
What Color Is This? (Dress controversy vs religious truth)
What Does God Look Like?
What Does God Really Want From Us?
What Is A Ritual? (4/18/2017)
What Is Our Motive

Pictorial Language of the Bible
(As in the commentary list above, this section will list scriptures in alphabetical order.)
Introduction to the series
1 Kings 20:11 Girding on Armor
Ecclesiastes 11:4 (Wind & Clouds. Procrastination & Excuses)
Ecclesiastes 11:4-6, A Second Look (3/26/2017) Second-guessing God.
Isaiah 48:18 Peace Like A River (2/2017)
Isaiah 60:16 Breast of Kings (2/24/2017)
Joel 2:13 Rip Apart Heart Demonstrating true repentance
Righteousness Like Waves of the Sea (2/2017)
Romans 12:11 Aglow With the Spirit
Stay On Path (Isaiah 48:17) (2/2017)

Inspiration For Writers (*)
Storyboarding for Speakers (&Writers)

Technology & Sciences
Cooking - A New Experience for me
Enjoying Accomplishment (3/10/2017) (Excel VBA and formula writing, designing new system)
Good Bye Good Riddance Samsung
Grammarly (3/17/2017) Grammar checking plug-in for Chrome
Hemingwrite vs Other Options
Satellite Orbital Areas Which are the nearest and farthest from earth?
Wild Dogs & Patent Meat A commentary on the ravenous patent hording by corporations
Zero and Infinity (4/3/2017)

Health: Neti Pot My personal experience
How I Meditate, Reflect, Contemplate, Ponder (3/16/2017)
I Am Not Worried About Dying (A copy of a reply letter sent to a well-wisher)
If Bones Visited The 20th Century (my chemotherapy experience) (Final Post here)
Larger Audience Than I Thought (3/28/2017)
Life In A Rearview Mirror Worrying is like a rearview mirror

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