Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reasonableness In Translation

I am impressed with the Publisher’s Forward of the Amplified Bible. The translation itself is worthy of inclusion in any serious Bible student’s library. But it wasn't until a few years ago that I actually stopped to read the Forward (1965 printed edition).

I was surprised they felt the need to defend their decisions in the way they rendered their translation. It seems that even in our modern day they anticipated criticism for the rendering. Why? In short, instead of just dogmatically choosing one modern-language word to render a Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek word that may not completely and accurately convey the nuances of that word, they chose to insert all the colors and flavors needed in our language to convey the most accurate meaning  of the original text.

Apparently the naysayers might ignorantly (and wrongly) charge them with "adding to" God's Word when, in fact, they were providing what the English reader so desperately needs--again, an accurate & well-rounded presentation of what is truly intended by the original writers.

So if you are one who enjoys digging deeper and willing to reflect just a little longer on Bible reading, try at least reading one of the gospel accounts all the way through using the Amplified Bible. See if your understanding isn't increased considerably. If you agree, try reading this translation just for one complete reading of the Bible. I think that, like me, you will find yourself returning to this translation time and time again.

Online copy of Amplified at (Click here)
Online copy of Amplified at (Click here)
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(This article updated 10/30/2014)

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