Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photosynth Cylindrical Shooting

I had read that Photosynth could be used for virtual tours, but upon more reading I found that it can also be used to create a spherical and cylindrical walk-around of a small object. After reading the cautions and advisories, I was all set to create my first cylindrical view. (By cylindrical view I mean either that the camera is stationary and the object turns on a center axis OR the camera walks around a stationary object to see all sides.

So here is my first attempt at it. For some reason, using the controls at the bottom works better with this Photosynth than trying to directly click the images themselves. It was created using 24 individual photographs. I set my camera to its lowest resolution of 8megapixels to shoot this so that there would be no memory worries. (Microsoft claims that there are no memory constraints with the online app, but I just wanted to play it safe.)

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