Thursday, November 7, 2013

Was Jesus Crucified?

Most I meet would, without hesitation, answer an emphatic “yes.” Back in 2010, a graduate of the Swedish university Goteburgs wrote his thesis on his research analyzing what “writings in antiquity” revealed about the subject. It was a 400-page thesis and is no longer available in whole.

In essence, his research concluded that there is no specific evidence that a cross-beam was used in Roman punishment around the period that Jesus lived on earth. He further concludes that the closest, most accurate English rendering of the Greek term “stauros” is a device used to suspend something or someone. This conclusion is interesting because it has been a long-held belief of Jehovah’s Witnesses that Jesus died, not on a cross (cross-beam), but on a pole.

Here are some links regarding the original articles:

(The above links were emailed to me in November 2013, hence the delay in sharing this.)

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