Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Psalm 34 verse 8, "Tasting" God

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Psalm 34:8 reads (in the New World Translation), “Taste and see that Jehovah is good.” (Other versions here.)

How do we “taste” God (and by extension, his “Word”)? Is it occasionally praying to God or reading the Bible? No. Is it memorization of scriptures or resorting to severe austerity or torturing our bodies? No. Is it being a believer? Well, that is important, but believing in something doesn't always mean we are acting in accord with that belief.

So how is it that we "taste" Jehovah? Jesus, being our exemplar, said that his food was doing the work that his Father gave him and seeing it to completion. (John 4:34) So Jesus did not merely “taste” God and his Word, but he ate it by being thoroughly involved in loyally fulfilling his assignment. Yes, service to God goes beyond merely believing in him. It also goes beyond merely believing in and adhering to the moral and ethical principles taught in the Bible. It includes loving (in all sincerity) our fellow man as ourselves AND fulfilling our obligation as Christians.

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