Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Psalm 105, A Personal Lesson

17  He sent ahead of them a man
Who was sold to be a slave, Joseph.
18  With fetters they afflicted his feet,
Into irons his soul came;
19  Until the time that his word came,
The saying of Jehovah itself refined him.
20  The king sent that he might release him,
The ruler of the peoples, that he might let him loose.
21  He set him as master to his household
And as ruler over all his property,
22  To bind his princes agreeably to his soul
And that he might teach wisdom to even his elderly men.
(Above from NWT.)

Whether or not the end result of my situation will turn out that "the king" will release me (vs.20) or that I will receive any glory of being made a "master" or teaching "even his elderly men," is not important. To me, the most important idea here is in verse 19, "The saying of Jehovah itself refined him," (Joseph). Jehovah does seem to richly bless those that submit to his refinements, but what I need to treasure is not expectation of a reward, but rather the blessing of being refined.

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