Saturday, August 9, 2014

So Who Is Lying?

If there is one thing true Christians should believe, it is that God cannot lie. They agree with Jesus’ words “Your Word is truth.“ Through the decades, supporters of the trinity teaching have lambasted Jehovah’s Witnesses for supposedly attempting to change the meaning of John 1:1. Although what we teach about that scripture is intelligent, holds to correct grammar, and praises both God and Christ in their respective roles, opposers falsely and slanderously accuse us of wrongdoing. But what is the track record of our opposers?

In Phil.2:1-10, Paul teaches a lesson in humility.  In verse 5 Paul drives home how Jesus set the example by leaving heaven and coming to earth. Those advancing the trinity argue that Paul was teaching that Jesus was/is God. Reading the context, such a conclusion would nullify the passage and make Jesus guilty of false humility. So who is right the Bible or the trinitarians? My vote is for the Bible.

In Col.1:15-20 Paul builds successively on a reasoning point that Jesus is "first" in so many ways: 1) created first, 2) is responsible for the rest of creation (working alongside his Father), 3) is head of the Christian congregation, 4) was the first raised to eternal, heavenly life, and 5) is the first, last and only one designated by God that can save all mankind by virtue of his forfeiting his human life for our sake. But the trinitarians break the chain of Paul's reasoning at the first link by purporting that Jesus was never created because he is God. So who is right? Again, my vote is for God’s word. (If the trinitarians were right, this passage would have to be re-written into mindless dribble: Jesus wasn’t the firstborn, instead he is God. He worked alongside himself in making everything else. He was pleased to have everything rely on and be reconciled through himself (which, if Jesus were already God, it already did according to the trinitarians, so why go through all the trouble?!).

In Hebrews 1:1-4 Paul makes a point similar to both the above scriptures but also adds that Jesus became better than the angels, having attained a name better than any angel. But the trinitarians teach that Jesus is God, so how could he possibly be given a position by God that elevates Jesus? It would not surprise me that people get a migraine trying to understand the trinitarian viewpoint. To believe the trinitarians, we would have to believe that the Bible lied on three fronts: 1) God didn’t give Jesus a superior title because he already was God. 2) He wasn’t raised above the angels because he already was. 3) Jesus never sat down at God’s right hand because, again, he is already God. But, it is the trinitarian's beliefs that are the lie. The Bible truthfully says that 1) God (the Father) did indeed give Jesus a position superior to any other intelligent creation. 2) Jesus was given a position much above all the angels. 3) Jesus did indeed take a secondary place "at God's right hand."

In John 20:17 Jesus himself states that he has yet to ascend to his God and Father. But the trinitarians say that Jesus is a liar. He is God, therefore he was using some sort of euphemism. A plain, simple and easy to understand statement by Jesus is taken by the trinitarians and turned into convoluted, indecipherable brainless babble.

It really is no wonder that agnostics and atheists feel religion is the “opium of the people.” For the greater part, this is absolutely true. The truth taught in the Bible has been scrambled into such stupidity, that honest, thinking people can see right through it. Sadly, they conclude that all those teaching the Bible are wrong. However, there is a small group of us that finally saw through the smoke and fog and found the clear air of Bible truth.

(The above was only a small sampling. However, in each and every case where those adhering to the trinity doctrine try to change the scripture around so that Jesus is made out to be equal to or even the same person as the Father, the lie is easily demonstrable by merely considering the context and implications.)

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