Monday, October 6, 2014

Not Mere Hearers

There is not a business or field of activity that I can think of where merely listening, even eagerly and attentively, is enough to curry the favor of those promoting the activity. Everything from little league to salesmen to corporate leaders are required to act on what they hear. Consider the salesman that gets very excited about the product when he hears the features of the product, the easy sales pitch, the support system, and the money he will make. But then, immediately after leaving the meeting, does nothing with that. If he were to expect any compensation for producing nothing, generating no sales, would the company show him anything but “the front door” (firing him)?

That is thrust of Jesus words at Luke 13:26,27. By illustration, Jesus said that people would feel they should be rewarded for merely listening to Jesus. In our time, what sort of people are these? One group that comes to mind are those stating that they “go to church.” Even if they listen attentively, is that all that is expected? The blunt answer is found at James 1:22-25.

What then is expected; what is does it mean to be “a doer”? Read these citations and see if you can get the sense of what a true Christian should do.

Mark 5:18-20. In this account, it was a man Jesus cured that turned around and started to declare his faith--he was not a trained preacher. Is this not the way each of us should feel about publically declaring our faith?

Luke 9:60. Consider: The ones spoken to here were those being invited to follow Jesus. These were not one of the twelve apostles.

Acts 8:4. In the surrounding verses, it is mentioned that a persecution arose against the congregation. It was the members of the congregation that were scattered. All of them were declaring the Good News.

Romans 10:9,10. Consider: Is this only directed to preachers, ordained ministers, priests?

It is my conclusion that each of us are required to declare our faith. What is your conclusion?

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