Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Human Eye And Evolutionists

I wish I would remember to keep links to some videos I see. However, when I view them, they typically agitate me so much, I don’t want to deal with them. Such was the case of a very pompous, self-assured evolutionist that declared that if the eye had really been a product of intelligent creation, it would not have been made, as he put it, “backwards.” Now the reason I wish I had this link again (and yes, I did search for it) is that I just came across some research that explains the issue and gives evidence that indeed this construction of the eye is an intelligent design.

I did however find a video by those making the same claim. It is commendable that they at least were not arrogant about it. They attempted to demonstrate their idea by illustrating the differences between different mussels. OK, so let’s think about this. There have been several iterations of steam-powered engines; and yes, I’d even venture that each successive design could have (but not necessarily so) drawn on the successes and failures of ones prior to it. BUT, does that mean that the first design evolved into the next one? Did it mindlessly become a different thing OR were the improvements in design an intelligent new modification? Modern society and even modern science throw around the word “evolution” so casually that they use it even when it is completely wrong to do so.

A cake and a cupcake both use flour, both have frosting, both have the same texture when done. However, it is completely possible that the flour used came from different countries. The sweetener used may also be different although tasting the same. Just as we can make something that “looks like” something else and yet be something new, so likewise the Bible is quite plain in saying that everything made came from the elements of the earth and each creative category in Genesis chapter one was a new one. Birds are birds, they didn't come from fish. Man is a distinct and unique new creation from monkeys, apes, or other mammals.

The logic of evolutionists may at times sound right, but when we ponder it, it truly makes no sense. The evolutionists’ bottom line is that there is no God, no intelligent design. This means we have no obligation to anyone. Our intelligence is inconsequential. Does such thinking promote respect for life, love and unity? No, it doesn't.

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