Friday, January 15, 2016

Dealing With Death of Loved One

I have written about dealing with the death of loved one before. Just one more brief observation:

It is not my intent to discourage grieving. It is a very natural reaction. However, it can also be a bit self-destructive in that it becomes a spiraling downward emotion. The realization that there is nothing we can do to bring back the one we miss can lead to despair.

In my own experience, I have discovered that the following helps to calm my heart: In prayer to God, thank him for wonderful joy of having had that person in your life. In that prayer, recall specific traits about that person that encouraged you, that gave you joy, that made you laugh, that made you feel warm inside. Thank God for the all the time you had with that person, whether it was just a short time or a few decades. Finally, thank God for the hope of the resurrection -- the hope that you will see that person again someday when God’s Kingdom finally takes over the earth again.

After my having done the above, I experience a contentment and gratitude to God for the hope he has set before us.

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