Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fake News Seems To Be Popular

The Bible, which advances itself as the true and honest word of God, has been ridiculed and derided by science for years as being folklore and fairytales. Conversely, the movie “The Matrix,” which has never purported itself to be anything more than SciFi is now being proposed BY SCIENTISTS as a basis for explaining the reality we live in!!!

Sort of reminds of the scriptures that cite individuals who prefer falsehood to truth.

(Sideline: I wish I knew what has "gotten into me" to write so many blog articles. This month and last, I wrote more articles than I did in the prior 5 months combined. I had even privately written someone after my 8th article this month, that I sensed things would be dropping off because of my health. But now, here is my 13th article and, even though I don't have anything planned, just as none of the 13 this month have been planned, I sense that I'm not even done yet. It usually takes me a month or more to mull around ideas, but I've been cranking them out at nearly one every other day this month. My mind seems to be racing. I'm having sleepless nights or, if I do actually fall asleep, I'll awaken around 2AM and start scribbling notes on my whiteboard--basically doing a mind dump so I try to put my brain at rest.)

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