Saturday, June 10, 2017

End of Health Saga

Hello everyone. It appears the end of my life story is approaching rapidly. A few weeks ago I had a CT scan that revealed all my lymph nodes and spleen were dramatically enlarged (indicative of leukemia taking its final toll. A week later I had a conversation of my oncologist who indicated that there is a treatment to reduce the swelling of the lymph nodes, that it was a dangerous drug that could immediately kill me, and that there was no other long-range benefits such as prolonged life, a better quality of life, or such. I declined the drug.

At that the oncologist said, “In that case sir, I need to let you know there is nothing more medical science can do for you. I am now on hospice. They feel I have 2 weeks at the most before I die. I am at peace with the situation. I’ve even joked with local brothers about the foot race we’ll have in the new system.

I don’t plan on writing anymore on this blog.