Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Am Not Worried About Dying

In the last two years I've had several kind-hearted people reach out to me because of a post I made on Amazon. The post was about some homeopathic herbs I had bought. These herbs claimed to be good for leukemia patients. Most of those writing me had other recommendations to make. All sincerely expressed encouragement and condolence. Recently, a gentleman reached out to me pointing me to yet another unconventional treatment. Here, in part, is some of the reply I made:

I want to make sure that I convey my deep appreciation for your thinking of me enough to write me. At present, the doctor feels my situation is progressing as expected. Because of my deep faith based on decades of study, I am not worried. When I was a child with a muscular disease, I saw many other children with rare and more critical situations than mine actually dying. At a very young age I determined that if I lived just one day more than they did, I'd be grateful. In truth, I have lived 5 decades longer than those that died in their first decade of life. (I'm now in my 60's)

For the "here and now," even though I've endured many health, financial and general life setbacks, I don't view myself as having been denied a relatively good life. While working for AT&T, I got to travel the world, meet many people (which to me is the 2nd best part of life), come to understand God and the Bible more than most people (the numero uno best part), have a brain that loves drinking in knowledge (I read a lot about technology, the sciences, and of course the Bible).

So while so many kind-hearted people have expressed authentic concern, I'm not worried. As far as I'm concerned, I've lived much more than my life expectancy. If I were to die tomorrow, which I don't plan on, I would not have any regrets. I wouldn't be whining, "I wish I had done this or that."

Then, finally, there is the hope of being brought back to life on earth, but without all the problems plaguing us today as promised here.

I have been offering those that reach out to me, to answer any questions they have about God or the Bible. Questions for which they may never have found an answer. Now, I don't claim to be a genius, and I readily admit my brain is slowing down, but I know how to research. So if it takes me a few days, you can still be sure I will answer your question. I want nothing in return except to help you and others find the peace I have found. Again, I'm not talking about some emotion-filled feeling. I'm talking about using the brain our Creator gave us to understand just how sensible his ways are.

Besides the online references, I have a collection of some 18 Bible translations and a few Hebrew and Greek language reference books. Feel free to contact me.

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