Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Be Happy?

At 1 Timothy 1:11, Paul mentions that the good news he was entrusted with is from the “happy God.” It occurred to me: Since God is happy, who am I to be any less. If my disposition is somber or rigid or gruff, does that convince others that I believe I serve the happy God? If my attitude and disposition reflect constant negativity, is that dignifying and extolling the happy God I worship? Does my dealings with others make them feel comforted or condemned; delighted or discouraged; endeared or estranged?

Really, when Jehovah inspired Paul to write “Be aglow with the spirit. ... Rejoice in the hope,” what makes my personal situation so important that I allow negativity to overshadow me? (Romans 12:11,12) Is that really the way I want to be known? Or, do I want to be known as a happy, encouraging, forgiving and supportive friend?

Ok, so you’ve had family and friends turn against you--so what!? You feel misunderstood, so what!? Jehovah had many, many angels turn against him, slander him and try to impede his purposes. And as far as things not turning out the way I wanted, once again, think of Jehovah--Instead of the earth being filled with a harmonious family, currently those worshiping him are a small minority. The vast majority either do not know Him or refuse to serve him. Instead of the earth being a gem of a paradise, mankind has filled it with all sorts of pollution  Yet none of that makes Jehovah bitter, negative, or sullen. He is “the happy God!” In time, he will correct not only all the things that sadden him, but he will also “wipe every tear from YOUR eyes.” (Rev.21:4)

So what do you do in the meantime? “Always rejoice in the Lord. Once more I will say, Rejoice!”  - Philippians 4:4

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