Thursday, March 27, 2014

Deeper Look at the “Seven Questions”

Many have seen this list before. I expanded it to help me in my writing endeavors.

·         Creature
·         Person
·         Organization

·         Object
·         Reactive Action (What did you do next?)
·         Situation (What state was your mind in?) (What situation contributed to this?)
·         Preference, opinion (How would you like to see the data formatted?)
·         Relationships (What is the relationship of the columns of data?*)
·         Results expected

·         Location, Place
·         Perspective (Where are you coming from?) (more encompassing than Opinion)

·         Timing
·         Circumstance, Occasion
·         Opportunity
·         Appropriateness

·         Purpose
·         Importance (Impact)
·         Functionality
·         Desirability & Beneficial (Why would you want such a thing?)

·         Action:
o   Future: How will we do this? 
o   Present: How are you coming on that project?
o   Past: How was this done?
·         Affects / is useful to me

How Much
·         Quantitative

·         Qualitative

When a famous director was asked what was important to him, he said: “Three things: Location, Location, Location.”
  • Location 1: The “Set”
  • Location 2: Position of actors, props on the set.
  • Location 3:Position of camera relative to focal point.
Likewise, we can consider relative perspectives.

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