Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CLIP Smartphone Mnemonic

Within the last few months I have been wondering if there was some mnemonic that would define today’s smartphones and provide a new reference other than “smartphone” for our devices. I wanted something that more accurately described our devices other than “phone.” I wanted the mnemonic to define the main functions we all use our devices for.

After playing with the idea for about a month, I came up with CLIP—Communications, Life-Management, & Internet Portal. To reinforce the mnemonic, the action of clipping our phones, either to our sides, or something else, is common to smartphone users. I started introducing this to a few people I met. Most just shrugged their shoulders but a few thought it was a good idea. The only major feature this mnemonic doesn’t address is entertainment (music, games, video). Maybe you can come up with a better one. Feel free to post your ideas.

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