Friday, October 31, 2014


With every printed ad, attractive people (some say “sexy” people) promote everything from trash bags to the latest electronic gear. Underwear ads are getting obscenely revealing. (Back in the 1960s when I was a teen, my father took me to work with him. His boss, the owner, had Playboy centerfolds plastered all over the walls of his office. Those centerfolds were considerably more modest than today’s underwear ads are.)

With increasing frequency, TV shows are promoting the “gay” lifestyle as normal and mainstream. (I for the life of me can’t figure out why, with increasing frequency, even within cooking competition shows such as Chopped, the one thing competitors feel compelled to reveal about themselves is that they are homosexual. You never hear heterosexuals make their sexual orientation their main achievement to feature about their lives. In fact, in that gays say they "were born that way," indicates it was not an achievement at all. However, the reason is more than accidental. It is because of the agenda of the LGBT lobbyists. But I digress.)

Comedians today think sex jokes are the only jokes worth repeating. Personally, I have heard people laugh much louder and heartily at old “I Love Lucy” and Carol Burnett TV episodes. Music videos are becoming so risque that it is sickening. Video games now have ratings on them due to “adult content.”

My Point
Maybe 10 or more years ago I would have concluded that it is “nearly impossible to avoid seeing and hearing these things.” However, today I would remove the word “nearly.” It now IS impossible to avoid those things. With all the onslaught of immoral propaganda, the ease of finding such on the internet (even when you aren’t even looking for it!) can raise curiosity for those who have not built up their spiritual armor. Still, scriptures encourage true Christians to brace up their minds (determined conviction) to remain UN-curious.

To be clear: The only action I recommend is one of self-defensive "bracing our minds" to reject any of this world's loose immoral behavior. I am not advocating taking an offensive stance toward those that live those lifestyles. While Christians judge the conduct as unacceptable and falling very short of what God approves, it is God who judges individuals.

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