Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Make Learning Fun (The Secret)

Learning can be fun but unless you know one of the main secrets, it will usually be boring. Here is one secret: To make learning fun, you need a personal reason for wanting to learn. For example, when you learn a video game, your personal reason is to beat and master the game. If the game is something you play with others, then your personal reason to learn the game might also be so you can enjoy the company of your friends. When learning about any hobby, besides having fun, you also want to try something new in your life. 

Learning the Bible helps us get to know Jehovah and hopefully to live in the new system. But how do we make learning the Bible fun? Again, you need a PERSONAL reason to want to learn. To do that, when you read about any subject, first ask yourself these questions:

1. What things don't I understand about this subject?
2. What questions have never been answered for me about this subject?" 
3. Why is the subject important?
4. How can my knowledge of this make my life better?

Write down those personal questions and any others that come to your mind. That will give you a real purpose and goal to study that subject. Then, as you read the material, see if it answers your questions. If you do find answers to your questions, write those answers down. If some of your questions still were not answered, then during the discussion with your teacher, ask him your questions.

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