Friday, January 22, 2016

Logic of Science and Wisdom of Bible

At times I view the wisdom of the Bible like a wise, gentle, and loving father's guidance to his children. He doesn't always feel compelled to explain "why" he says what he does. Really, appreciative children ought to know that the guidance and decisions the father makes are for their own good. That this is true is seen when the logic of various sciences support the wisdom of our Heavenly Father's words in the Bible. For example, recently I highlighted a video by a psychologist that spoke of the virtues and benefits of living happy instead of seeing happiness as a series of goals. This immediately reminded me of Philippians 4:8,9. Truly, keeping a positive frame of mind does wonders for our health and our relationships.

But, to point, Paul’s words in the above citation, which believers accept as God’s words through a human, make no attempt at explaining why. Instead the passage comes across as if it is a loving father urging his children to strive for a positive mental attitude and disposition. Now, detractors might say it all sounds nice and rosy, but such an attitude isn't practical in today's world. However, the science of psychology helps us understand why such admonition is beneficial. There are other examples such as found in medical and health sciences about cleanliness but in order to keep this article short and simple, I’ll end here.

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