Monday, September 5, 2016

Anxious vs Eager Matthew 6

God knows we not only have needs but also legitimate concern to acquire them. Nothing wrong with that. What is unhealthy is anxiety which can lead to lack of trust in our Creator, God of all things, and the one calling himself our "Father." Think for a moment about the title “Father.” Although many men today fall very short of the strength of character and yet tenderly gentle man that “father” should evoke, that is indeed the image scripture paints of our creator. To a child with such a father, there is no need for fear, anxiety, uncertainty. Although a small child may hide behind his father if something frightens him, the fact that he chose his father instead of running demonstrates his trust in this father’s ability to protect him.

In my mind, there has always been a distinct difference between being anxious and eager. Eager is like a small child beaming with joy for the ice cream cone they are about to receive. Anxiety (anxiousness) is the joy-robbing fear the child has that the ice cream will fall off the cone or melt before he eats it. Just as a loving parent tries to assure and comfort their child when things go wrong, we likewise have a Father of tender mercies and therefore don’t need to be anxious that God doesn't care or that he will not fulfill his promises to us. We can eagerly expect to receive his care and the promises his has made.

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