Friday, April 20, 2012

Contentment or Angst--Which Do You Choose?

Twice, over the past month (April 2012), I have been asked what I thought about UFO sightings and conspiracy theories. According to those I've spoken to, since around 2009 more and more “sightings” are being made and people are concerned. I thought I would at least attempt to capture in this article what I think of the subject.

You’ve seen the videos of cats chasing dots of light. We all laugh and think, “stupid cat.” Yet how intelligent can we be when we go off chasing lights in the sky? There is no physical object that can make the turns (abrupt course changes) and accelerations/decelerations that those lights are making. What are they? I have no idea. What am I suggesting?

Paul, at 2 Corinthians 11:14, wrote: “Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light.” Now don’t go jumping to conclusions about what I am saying. I readily acknowledge that what Paul was saying is that Satan makes his propaganda seem enlightening to those who sadly are really in spiritual darkness. However, in the past, angels (both good and bad) have become visible to us, materializing through whatever means are available to them. Is it possible that they are manipulating energy & matter to create these objects (possibly even mere illusions) and then laughing at us just as we do when we tease cats with light? Yes, it is not only possible and plausible, it is also probable.

Am I completely discounting that unidentified flying objects exist? No--with qualifications. There is a huge difference between an extraterrestrial vehicle and a man-made vehicle that the public is unaware of. Just to say that something is “unidentified” is not implying that it is from another world. It only means that the ones who spotted it didn’t know what it was. In the cases of top military testing secrets, you can bet your life that the military would deny it. Then again, in some cases it is also possible that it is merely "space junk" falling back into earth's atmosphere. Just because the common citizen doesn’t know what the object is, doesn’t mean its from another planet.

So the next question you’ll have is, “do you believe in intelligent life outside of humans here on earth?” Yes, I do. They are clearly identified in the Bible as spirit beings, angels. But you already knew about them, didn’t you? So, despite the disclosed & known impact they have on our lives, you want to focus attention on the "unknown," the existence of assumed other physical life-forms. Some who argue in favor of that raise questions like: “Are you so arrogant as to think we are the only planet in the whole universe with intelligent life?” Um, no, I’m not that arrogant.

The point is not if they exist, the point is what their significant impact is on us. God, through the Bible, has always clearly advised & warned us of things, including life-forms, that can & will have a significant impact on us. There is no mention in scripture of other planets being inhabited. Why? One possible reason is that they have no importance in the outworking of the bigger picture of our lives. However, angels, both good and bad, do have an impact and we were told about them.

Then there is the whole matter of the substantive evidence that even the proponents agree is lacking. I sat down with pen and paper a while back and watched no less than 20 of these televised alien hunting and "evidence" stories. They went into great detail about the research surrounding each event. Yet at the end of each show, without exception, they always concluded that there really is no indisputable evidence and "we may never know." In truth, there is more concrete archaeological evidence that Bible history is true (which people tend to ignore) than the whole sum of extraterrestrial stories (which many swallow hook, line, and sinker). Some of the space alien stories have since been discounted as nothing more than mass hysteria. (Case 1, Case 2)

So what does it boil down to? To me it seems that everything that God, through his word in the Bible tries to help us with, the majority of mankind dismisses as hogwash. But things that the Bible doesn’t mention at all, those same people want to turn it into some sort of “brilliance,” either intellectual, philosophical, physical or otherwise. Yes, once again, Satan has got the majority of mankind chasing lights, conspiracy theories, and worthless stories that add no value to our lives. He has them so worked up over what “might” happen that they are too distracted to listen to what the Bible says WILL happen. (Matthew 24:36-39)

Stop and think: The Bible’s message is one of hope, peace and contentment. The message of conspiracy theorists is one of distrust, angst and fear. Which lifestyle sounds better to you?

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