Sunday, April 29, 2012

Look! Up In Sky!

I found the following JPEG more than a year ago but then couldn't remember the terms to find it again. This post is only for keepsake.

This amazing artist's portrayal of the 3 major zones of orbit (low, medium and high) is fascinating to examine. After clicking on the link below, when the image appears, click (or tap) it so that you can see a larger version and the notations made on it. On a computer, you can click a second time on the image for maximum enlarged view of the graphic.

You will notice toward the bottom of the image is a white line going completely across. It separates the upper "zoomed" view from the lower "distance" view. The distance view helps the viewer to get the scale in proportion to earth, man made satellites and the moon. Also with the bottom section you can see that HEO (High Earth Orbit) is considered to be just a tad more than half way to the moon.

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