Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where Is This Promised Presence?

Those saying, “where is this promised presence” are mostly those who do little to nothing in the service of God. Something they completely forget (or ignore) is a forceful illustration that Jesus gave about a man who gave no attention to spiritual things but focused only on material things. This man unexpectedly dies, having never made a good name for himself with God. 

What of those who used to be servants of God but lost faith? If they are now balking “where is this promised presence” (even under their breath) and figure that the worst that can happen is that they will be resurrected as those under judgement, they need to reconsider. These need to reflect on Peter’s sobering thought at 2 Peter 2:21: “It would have been better for them not to have accurately known the path of righteousness than after knowing it to turn away from the holy commandment they had received. (context here) Truly, God is not to be mocked. Whatever a person is sowing (even in regards his relationship with God) is exactly what he will reap.

In the finality of things, when the end comes is inconsequential. What is important is what we do with our lives now.

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