Friday, July 25, 2014

Benefits of Serving God

Recently I performed and internet search for “benefits of serving God.” The results were dismal at best. A great deal of vague rhetoric and flowery words but little reference to actual scriptural proofs. Here is the list I quickly fleshed out by reflecting on scriptures I've learned….

So, have you ever asked: “What do I get from serving God? What immediate and future rewards are there?”
  • Mark 10:29,30 A large spiritual family of support. (For those that put a lot of weight in "blood" relations, Jesus here assures you that you will become part of a much larger family. Today, that "family" is a worldwide brotherhood. See Fast Facts on this link.)
  • Hebrews 12:11 Righteous in God’s eyes. (We all appreciate being admired by others. Imagine being considered by God as a person who truly acts and speaks in a right way for the benefit of all.)
  • 1John 5:14,15 God willingly, gladly listens to us. (Hearing and listening are two different things. Listening means that God hears your words with attentive interest. Your concerns are his concerns.)
  • Luke 11:13 Strength to remain faithful & firmly resolved by way of “holy spirit.” (See this link then reflect that God can, in effect, "breathe power" into us to rise to any test of faith.)
  • Philippians 4:7 Inner peace. (Make no mistake about it. This is NOT merely rose-colored-glasses. When a person learns what it really means to "know" God and to be known by him, the effect is a real calmness based on knowledge and confidence that God truly cares for those that make the sincere, concerted effort to know Him.)
  • Matthew 6:33,34 Our needs will be provided, so no need to worry. (Jesus was here talking about food and shelter. In today's world, many people would list dozens, if not hundreds of more "needs," but life's real necessities are demonstrated by what disaster relief services provide today--shelter, clothing, food & water. Those are the necessities to maintain life. But is that saying that Jesus and Jehovah expect us to merely subsist? No, but that is another discussion.)
The above was only with less than 30 minutes reflection. As I remember more, I'll revise this post.

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