Friday, July 18, 2014

Protection In Distressing Times

In John 18:36 Jesus states that if his rule was earthly, his attendants would have fought to secure that rule. Other translations render the word “attendants” as servants (17 times), followers (2), subjects (1), and officers (1). Was Jesus merely referring to his earthly disciples?

Consider Matthew 26:48-56 wherein Jesus told his disciples to put away their weapons because, if Jesus had wanted to, he could have had more than a mere 11 human followers defending him, he could have had 12,000 angels doing so. (In another situation, it is interesting that it was not any man that came to assist Jesus, it was angels that attended to him.)

What lessons have I taken away from this?
1.    If Jesus did not want his followers engaged in mortal combat to even save Jesus’ own life, how much less should we be engaged in military activity to protect a country that is not even part of God’s Kingdom?!

2.    Having the confidence Jesus displayed when faced with brutal enemies will help me remain calm when and if-ever I am faced with overwhelming odds.

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