Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How We Got Here And Why It Matters

The ongoing debate between evolutionists and those believing that God created the material universe and life (intelligent and otherwise) is an interesting one. Why? Well, if we choose to believe in creation then we are obliged to ask ourselves what purpose we serve. That is to say, “Why did God make us? What responsibility do we have toward God?" After all, when we make something, don’t we expect it to fulfill the reasons/needs we intended?

On the other hand, if evolution is what you choose to believe, then I’d like to ask you: Why worry about corruption in politics, sadistic evil-minded individuals, terrorist violence, and so many other problems on earth? After all, if we are nothing more than mere animals, then such social ills are really not problems at all--we are merely acting like the animals evolution claims we are.

But coming back to those believing God made us. I know that some believe that as true fact but then feel that afterward, God left us to our own devices. The scriptures linked here demonstrate that is completely untrue. More info here.

In either case, we all need to take our convictions “down the road a bit” and see how its logic works out. Merely believing something and not realizing the inferences and consequences, can hit a person like a head-on collision.

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