Sunday, August 17, 2014

Human Compassion And The Vagus Nerve

The TV program “Brain Games” is an interesting Discovery channel science program. Although it typically espouses the evolutionary theory as an explanation of why our bodies are the way they are, there was one particular episode on the subject of Compassion (Brain Games S04E01 Compassion) that caught my attention. Starting at 07:13 and running to 08:00 (a 47-second segment), the observation was made that the “vagus nerve….runs from the base of the brain to the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and intestines.”

As a Bible reader, I found this very interesting because from that above list, the heart, kidneys, and intestines are all mentioned as related to the person we are inside. True, the application that modern readers attach to those passages are in a figurative sense, but the question remains why would Bible writers pick those organs? Believers are convinced that the major reason that is true is that God is the real author of the Bible and the creator of our bodies. Although he may not have explained it, he knows full well how we are made and the secretaries (human writers) of the Bible faithfully conveyed those thoughts.

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