Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Is Christmas Christian?

There is the ideal of Christmas (loving neighbors and families caring for one another), and then there is the reality. The reality of the season is what gives atheists and non-Christians the fuel they need to discredit those who participate.

Within the last week (third week of Dec.2014), an article of road rage where a woman with a SUV rammed and ran a Honda off the road was arrested. Road rage is nothing new, but if “the season” were truly motivating people toward kindness, you’d think it not be something we’d be reading about.

But even more shocking was the “cute” article of letters written by children to Santa. One girl wrote a message that included a drawing of a pony. For decades I've seen such letters. They are usually filled with promises to be good and pleas for fulfillment. Not this girl. She wrote: “You better bring my pony this year or there will be consequences!” Whoa! Is that a threat? Then, there was the little boy that was even bolder: “I've got three words for you, Santa: ‘I Hate You!’” He then explained, “You never bring me what I ask for.” (I read both these on my phone, but when I went back to find them, I couldn't remember which news reader I was using. I searched for an hour but to no avail.)

Forget the rude and disrespectful attitude. How about the feeling of entitlement –the demanding from a complete stranger something just because they want it? How about the completely selfish viewpoint. While children in foreign countries would be happy with just playing with a box or sticks, these kids DEMAND more. Is this holiday breeding love and generosity or is it breeding selfish, self-absorbed brats. I take you back to the woman at the outset to answer that question.

There is a saying associated with Christmas that goes: “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Ask most people “why” Jesus is the reason and, if they can come up with any reason at all, it is usually that “it is because Jesus was born on December 25th.” Problem is, scholars in most all religions have proven that is not true. The reason “Jesus is the reason for the season” is because “Church forefathers” (aka Catholic Church), in their attempt to appease pagan worshipers of the sun, told them that the birth of the sun (winter solstice) could become the birth of the “son of God.” From there, other peoples fabricated and embellished all these stories we now have about Saint Nic. As to what month Jesus was actually born in—we don’t even know that much with any certainty. Most feel it was in autumn.

I could go on to enumerate all the negative side effects of this celebration, but the news has done a wonderful job of that already. On the positive side, it is a real relief to people when they discover what a huge lie Christmas is. Instead, like myself, millions have learned what true Christianity is and what it is based on. Jesus himself said there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. Coupled with that are the fruitages of true Christian living. These are daily traits, not just once a year for a few weeks.

In short, as a Christian who truly respects Jesus, I have concluded that the celebration known as Christmas is an insult to Jesus. (More information)

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