Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Productive Activity

Jehovah has always been an active personage. These actions are productive and act in the interests of good for everyone. To be like Jesus, a “son” of God, we need to imitate both our Creator and Jesus. For those claiming that they are active, either playing games, reading, or sports, none of those things benefit others nor can they claim to be productive. That is, there is no end benefit or product that helps anyone, possibly including even themselves. For those that claim they are providing a living for their family, while admirable, if they are not also promoting God’s interest in saving lives and advancing his Kingdom, how can they claim to be doing the work assigned to us by none other than Jesus himself. Indeed, what kind of a "son" is someone that doesn't do what his father tells him to do?

Above is my reflection on this article.

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