Sunday, March 29, 2015

Main Topics

For years I have heard that all scripture discussions lead back to Jehovah and His sovereignty. I wondered if that was merely a general truism or if it could be tangibly illustrated with a flow-chart styled graph. My first challenge was to figure out what the main branches would be. As I contemplated this, it dawned on me that rulership (sovereignty) is always a hotly debated issue regardless of who that ruler is. Issues over policy, taxes, character and much more are heard expressed with near religious fervor. In all cases, it comes down to proponents (supporters) and opponents (those against) any particular ruler and his viewpoints, ways, and administration.

So who are the main proponents and opponents of Jehovah and his rulership. I went through multiple drafts but finally came up with two main proponents and one main opponent. The proponents are Jesus and God’s own word, the Bible. The main opponent, a vicious adversary, is Satan the Devil. From there, I asked myself: “By what means do Jesus and the Bible carry out their support of God? Likewise, by what means, methods, and agencies does Satan carry out his opposition?”

I have not added anything significant to the chart in about one year, so I am relatively certain that I have a solid study aid. If I make any changes they will be minor ones and I am committed to posting them as I complete them. You can download the chart here:

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