Saturday, January 14, 2017

Medical “Science”?

I really don’t know whether to laugh, cry, scream, or something else. Although I had written about what was really in my chemo treatment two years ago, I hadn’t had a cohesive realization about the whole of my treatments in the last few years. I am amazed that “treatment” is somewhat an oxymoron.

Chemotherapy: First of all, I’ve come to realize that the term “chemotherapy” is an all-encompassing word referring to all sorts of chemical treatments to attack a condition. They “kill” in order to encourage one’s own immune system to respond with rebuilding. Mine was essentially mustard gas. When you realize it for what it is, removing any euphemism like “therapy,” medical science’s “solution” is pretty barbaric. (Sure, it is diluted, but still. Using a chemical warfare agent from WWI and WWII is shocking.)

Bladder Cancer and BCG treatment: I looked up BCG. Essentially it is live tuberculosis virus that is injected into the bladder via a catheter up the urethra. The linked article states that BCG is used to fight tuberculosis. It neglects to state that BCG itself IS the tuberculosis virus! The nurse that administered the treatment had to wear full splash-back protection including full face mask because the virus was so dangerous. And the actual purpose of the virus was only to “encourage” my own immune system to respond with killer antibodies. While there, they also attack the cancer. I asked why my own immune system doesn’t just send the antibodies without the “encouragement” of BCG. The answer was that cancer cells mask themselves so well, that they appear as normal cells usually. But when the immune system responds with a hefty and hearty dose to kill the TB virus, it usually also attacks the cancer cells. (It didn’t work in my case because of my inability to “hold” the fluid in my bladder for the recommended 2 hours. Typically, 45 minutes was all I could do.)

Blood thinner: A while back it was determined I have a massive blood clot. Medical science treats that with blood thinners. What really are blood thinners? How about rat poisoning!? Yep, you heard me right. Obviously, this is diluted so it doesn’t actually cause human patients to bleed to death. There is no direct way to dissolve a blood clot, at least not from what I was told. Instead, they thin the blood until the clot somehow (hopefully) dissolves itself. In the meantime, a person can expect easy bruising. (Have you ever seen an old person with skin that looks like a war zone of bruises?) A while back, I went to urinate and was shocked I was actually peeing blood. It stopped the same day it started, but that has never happened to me except following bladder surgery.

So yeah, my personal experience with modern medical science is that they try to make a controlled kill in order to make you (hopefully) better. In God’s Kingdom, I will look forward to the time when the “leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations.” (Rev.22:1,2) Yes, true and real “healing” as opposed to what “modern” science offers today.

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