Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sons of Moses -- Whatever Happened to Them?

The two books of Chronicles aren’t my favorite Bible books. Admittedly, I don’t pay as much attention to what I am reading -- probably partly because it repeats information found in other books, and partly because of the long genealogical lists that just don’t captivate my interest. However, something did strike my interest and truthfully, for all the times I have read these chapters, I don’t remember the point (I’m about to mention).

So after Moses dies, Joshua takes the lead. But Moses had sons. What happened to them? Did they “ever amount to anything”? As it turns out, they did. They had responsibilities associated with the Levites and specifically in oversight of the storehouses.

No particular point to make here except that maybe, just like movies I’ve watched and rewatched, recreational books I’ve read and then read again, reading the Bible cannot be a one-time thing. For example, regarding movies, I recently (for the third time) watched Deja Vu. There were subtle clues and points in the movie that I completely missed the first two times I watched it. Similarly, to fully benefit from Bible reading, repeated reading is needed. Indeed, every year as I progress through my reading, I realize that I’ve learned (or maybe re-learned) something new. (I cannot say that my reading helped me to remember or recall, because I truly don’t remember certain points. Especially this point of Moses’ sons, I frankly don’t ever remember reading it.)

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