Sunday, February 1, 2015

God and Bible Not Mysterious

If you were to ask your pastor, priest, minister, or clergy a question about God and the answer you received was "That's a mystery,” you might conclude that the respondent did not the know answer himself or that it truly is a mystery. Because of the title of the person you asked, chances are you’d accept that whatever it is you asked was indeed a mystery.

But what if another person told you that there is an answer and it is reasonable and logical. Would you be willing to listen or would you be content in believing that your question is truly mysterious and beyond our comprehension. Many I know would be shocked to learn that some people really do not want to know about God beyond the fact that he exists and that he loves us.

So what are some of the questions that the religious leaders claim are not within our realm of understanding? I wrote about one of them here—the claim by the clergy that no one knows why God allows bad things to happen. There are other perplexing questions that people have had and they just have not been able to find the answer—at least not one that makes any sense. I have been writing this blog since December of 2010. In that time I have received less than five written feedbacks and none of them asking for clarification or demonstrating a willingness to converse.

I have studied scripture now for over 40 years. I have read the Bible completely through, from Genesis to Revelation, several times, using various Bible versions. I want to extend an invitation to you to challenge me with questions you have that have never been answered. I will do my very best to research and reply to you within a week’s time. You are welcome to write me using the email address or post your question against this article in the comments section.

If you really prefer to research the information without contacting me, I direct you to both and the research tool Using the latter site, you can type in some keywords and see a list of possible matches. Those matches can then be clicked or tapped to read the article(s). In addition, on the first site, you will find links to videos that address common issues.

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