Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

I was reflecting on Proverbs 27:11. Although written by Solomon, in a spiritually elevated way, we can think of this as God speaking to each one of us. Looking at it from that angle, God urges us to show wisdom in our actions and thoughts so that he can make a reply to the one who taunts God. Who taunts God? The account of Job answers that question – It is Satan that taunts God with the false accusation that humans only serve God for selfish benefit and would be disloyal the moment things didn't go their way.

Carrying that idea one step further, I can just see that every time we sin, Satan is right there to accuse us before God: “See, see, what did I tell you? This person isn’t a true and loyal servant of yours. They gave into their selfish sinful desire. What kind of servant is that? They aren't loyal. You are just fooling yourself if you think any human really cares.” There have been times when I feel so bad for something I’ve done that I actually pray to God, “Just let me die now. I don’t want to defame your name any longer and I can’t stand the idea of Satan using me as a reason to verbally assault you.”

Paul, in writing under inspiration from God, mentioned how hopeless we can feel and how frustrated we can get with ourselves. We all want to do what is right, but our imperfect ways mess up so badly. Paul’s conclusion was not that he had to rely on his own ability to conquer sin, but rather that he had to rely on God’s mercy. What then about the times when we feel so discouraged over our own shortcomings? At Romans 12:21, Paul wrote: “Do not let yourself be conquered by the evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good.” Although in context he was talking about those who persecute us, this is also a good scripture to keep in mind when we feel like we are not worthy of serving God or for him to love us. In this case, the "evil" is our own imperfect desires that could conquer us by making us feel unworthy to serve God. Instead of allowing those negative feelings to conquer us, conquer the evil with good --- that is, with acts of godly devotion, always striving for loyalty.

Tell Jehovah: "No matter how unworthy I feel, I will never stop striving to serve you faithfully." Do not give up nor give out.


  1. Dear Bart, Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting wisdom. I found you on in the comments of a review you made about essiac tea. My sad quest for help for my brother in law has ended up being a reminder of what is really most important...our loving God, Jehovah. He is the one who will ultimately set matters straight. I lost sight of that for a moment and He used you to bring me back to my senses. Your resolve is so encouraging and I am glad that your link on amazon brought me here to your blogspot. I hope you are doing well, (from reading all your comments on amazon, it seems that you are). Kindest regards, Cindy

    1. I am glad it encouraged you. I apologize for the long delay in replying. Cancer is taking its toll on me. My brain (and my posts) have slowed down.