Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Character Assassination

If you are a Bible reader, likely you’ve read passages such “God cannot lie” and, speaking of Jesus, “no deception was found in his mouth.” Yet once again we find “Bible scholars” claiming that God, Jesus, and the Bible accounts are all liars. They claim that Jesus never really died, but merely fainted and was subsequently revived. Now who do we know that takes pleasure in calling God a liar? Oh, yeah, Satan the devil. Does that mean, then, that these scholars are actually the “Devil's Bible Scholars”? Decide for yourself.

I found one website that made an attempt to debunk the “swoon theory” but it fell very short from providing the most profound reasons for rejecting the theory. What reasons are those? Fulfilment of scriptural prophecy and God’s grand purpose for salvation. The prophecies regarding Jesus’ life and death. (Start reading at the heading “Was Jesus the Promised Messiah” to the end of the article.) If Jesus did not die, then he didn’t actually become the sacrificial lamb. He didn’t actually save us from our sins. He didn’t qualify to bring Satan to an end. Yet indeed he did all those things.

I am not only shocked but disgusted with so-called scholars that are so shortsighted, they completely forget that a single-event discreditation like this ripples across the whole lake of the Bible message. Essentially, they really do not believe the Bible they claim to base their faith on. Or maybe they truly have no faith at all but this is merely an intellectual exercise with them. If so, the Greeks of Paul’s era would have loved these men.


  1. Most of those guys are either like 18th century scholars or hold a view like most Muslims (the Jesus only appeared to die, but God saved him from death), either way it's out their in lala land.

  2. The starting point of the scholars and their critical analysis is one of disbelief. You don't consult a homeopathic practitioner if you want medical advice. These people are not qualified to give counsel, since they do not love the Book's author.