Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Love is Love is Love

Food is food is food: In some lands eating cow is forbidden. If a hamburger joint opened up in that area, they might say, "Hey, food is food is food." Conversely, cats & dogs are consumed in some countries. Most, if not all, Americans would be shocked to learn this because to us those animals are pets. What if someone from a region that eats pets were to tell us food is food is food? I don’t know about you, but I would probably shake my head “no” and decline to eat it.

Cannibalism is another “food” that some have tried. No matter how morally objectionable, in desperate times, normally sane, moderate people will do things they typically would not do. Flies eat manure. To them it's food. Flies, carrion birds, and scavenger animals also eat dead carcasses. Who can argue with millions upon millions of flies, not to mention birds and animals? Food is food is food, right? (Yes, I’m being facetious – to illustrate a point.) How repulsed would you be if someone offered you human flesh, manure, or a dead carcass to eat? What if they said, “Hey, food is food is food. Don’t knock it,” and then accuse you of not being open-minded if you refuse it.

Love is love is love: Like food, social and moral values come into play with what people call “love.” If the claim “love is love is love” were really true, the general public should have no issue with man-boy love, yet thankfully (so far) in today’s world we still reject that as pedophilia. But did you know that organizations exist that promote this so-called love. Today most would reject this as perversion. But then who knows how long before society at large accepts this? It is just one step removed from accepting same-sex "love." How about incest? There are brothers and sisters who have claimed to truly "love" (in a romantic, sensual way) each other. There have also been cases of first cousins marrying each other. These all illustrate the enormous fallacy in the generalization "love is love is love." There are, in God’s eyes and in those trying to live by God's standards, different types of love. Even within what God approves there are different types of love. There is love for one's family. This is not a sexual love. There is love for one’s best or closest friend(s). This is not family love. There is a "love "for the beauty of God’s creation. There is a measure of love we have for our pets. But this is also not sexual (bestiality).

So those promoting same sex relations with the slogan "love is love is love" are really only promoting an agenda to advance a sexual practice that people who respect the Bible’s clear direction are set against. Those advancing homosexuality feel arrogantly superior to those rejecting it. Yet as demonstrated with the reasoning on food choices, just because some people accept cats and dogs as food, doesn't mean others with a different perspective are wrong for being appalled and shocked.

I am not the judge of those choosing to live a life outside God's moral standards. However that all love is the same in all relationships is a lie. I am not saying it is not possible for two men or two woman to feel strong attraction to each other. I recognize that some truly do love beyond the lust and are dedicated. That is not the point. The point is what God accepts and rejects. People that claim the God of the Bible accepts homosexual relationships are lying to themselves. Just as no one would accept manure and dead carcasses as food, those serving the God of the Bible reject the idea that homosexual love is valid in God’s eyes. Being open-minded has nothing to do with our choice. Common decency and tolerance, indeed godly decency, have their limits.

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