Saturday, December 24, 2016

Gold Teeth Charlatans

When I first heard of this sham about 30 years ago, I was left speechless that anyone would believe such nonsense. Apparently these charlatans are still active today, preying on those whose knowledge of scripture is minimal at best. I am speaking of the so-called miracle of instant gold teeth.

As you can see by this list, this deception is still alive and well. On one video that I watched, I read the comments section. Some proponents were using the reasoning that “God can do anything” to explain this sham. My reply was something along the line: It is true that God can do anything. So why wouldn’t he restore the teeth to their natural state? When Jesus worked healings, he didn’t miraculously provide prosthetics, he restore health to its natural state. Eyesight was returned to natural eyesight, not miracle contacts, not bionic eyes; limbs were restored to natural function, not manmade prosthetics; hearing was restored to natural state, not a miraculous hearing aid. God has NEVER used anything less than restoration to natural state. So this is nothing more than sham. It is not from God.

I do need to make one clarification on my statement that “It is true that God can do anything.” While God CAN do anything he sets his mind to, study of scripture makes it plain that at times “CAN DO” and “WILL DO” are two different things. God “can” stop babies from dying. God “can” stop senseless deaths. God “can” restore many losses. But yet, babies and children still die, innocent people still die, and many heartbreaking things still happen on earth. Why doesn’t God step in? There are scriptural reasons. There will be a time when all these devastating situations will be reversed, but it is not by the efforts of charlatans. It will be God’s direct intervention.

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