Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Racism and Nominal Christians

I performed a few searches on the web for various iterations of religions that practice racism, either passively or actively. Here are two such results: Search 1, Search 2. From what we’ve all witnessed in the news, it appears that for the most part, and mostly because of governmental sanctions not religious beliefs, religions at very least tolerate racism amongst their adherents if it is passive, unspoken. The teaching seems to be (for most nominal Christian churches), “It is okay to be racist in your heart and mind as long as you don’t act on or vocalize it.” Even to this very day, segregation by race in certain churches is practiced.

How different this is from what the Bible quite plainly states. To wit, all humans are God’s children. I would point to the reprehensibility of public figures, but we need to face the fact they most truly are not religious, even if they do “go to church.” So we need to examine how the typical church-goer is taught and how they react. For that, there are also news articles about how so-called godly people have been vicious in their attacks (either in word or deed) on those of different races.

So is there a religion that teaches its adherents to live in true brotherly peace? Worldwide Jehovah’s Witnesses are known for such. If you know of another, on a global scale, I’d invite you to tell me in the comments.

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