Monday, December 26, 2016

My 300th Post

It took nearly 2 years to reach another 100 posts (From January 2015 to today, Dec.26, 2016). I’ve noticed my health has affected everything I do including trying to keep my mind active through writing posts. In 2016, I just barely past half the posts I made in the prior year.

So in the last 100 posts, here are the additions:
89        Scripture Commentaries
2          Articles on Writing and Speaking
5          Articles on Technology
1          Miscellaneous articles
3          Unlisted

I wish I remembered what unlisted articles I posted.

Currently the totals of all categories are:
227     Scripture Commentaries
19        Articles on Writing and Speaking
31        Articles on Technology
13        Miscellaneous articles
10        Unlisted

This year I created the “About” page. I should have done that back in 2010, but it took me a while to even think what I wanted to say.

Readership: Over 2016 I’ve gained a few more readers that have come forward expressing appreciation for my essays. One odd realization I made this year is that there have been numerous readers from Russia. One friend jokingly commented I’m probably being tracked by government agents as a religious subversive. I laughed. Another odd thing: The article I wrote about using Magic Jack as a fax is still highly sought. That article is now nearly five years old. I’m sure there are more recent experiences with that. I no longer use Magic Jack at all.

Technology: As I mentioned in a few articles, I am completely disappointed in Samsung. I don’t plan on buying anything from them ever again. We recently bought a flat panel TV and I made sure NOT to even look at Samsung. The S7-Edge I ended up with is a mess but I can’t prove it to my carrier because the issues are not reproducible. I still use the Asus ZenWatch2 and love it. My HP Envy laptop that I bought 2 years ago just last week had a seized hinge. I still need to get that fixed but I’ve put a lot on hold because of my failing health. I bought a cheap, no-name Bluetooth headset because of all the trips to the doctor I’ve been making. I love it. It interfaces with Google to add all the enhanced Google voice controls.

Future Plans: None. I’ve been relying on news articles and current events to provide fodder for my articles. Infrequently now, I come across a particular phrasing in scripture that sets off my curiosity. Based on what my oncologist is telling me, unless I become quite prolific in writing, I seriously doubt I will make another 100 posts.


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