Monday, January 12, 2015

My 200th Post

I was looking over my posts and noted the article I wrote marking my 100th post on August 6, 2013. This article, about 17 months later, marks my 200th post (yes, 2014 was my most prolific writing year). So what is the breakdown of major subjects this time?

138     Scripture Commentaries
17        Articles on Writing and Speaking
26        Articles on Technology
12        Miscellaneous articles
6          Unlisted

That totals 199 posts, not counting this one. The 6 unlisted were articles such as this one capturing things only I would be interested in. (Also, subsequent to my 100th post, I started a separate blog capturing illustrations I've used throughout my life to teach various concepts. There are presently 55 of those.)

In reflection, I am actually amazed that I wrote 80 articles in 2014. That is 25 more than I wrote in 2013 and, to date, the highest number for any one year since I started writing in the latter part of 2010. Part of that amazement is that last year was my worst health year. It was in February of that year that my leukemia white cell count went haywire and, starting in March, I went through five months of chemotherapy. But it wasn't until April that I wrote my first article about my treatments. Those that personally know me have been asking how I am doing—I’m actually surprised how well I am doing. During June and July of last year, the last two months of chemo, I was so weak that just trying to engage in my public ministry was limited to 1 hour each month. However, when I tallied the amount of time I spent speaking to people in December, I surprised myself that I was able to put in 25 hours in spite of still being in the recovery mode.

I have not kept up with the statistics of my blog’s viewers. I just checked and as of today, January 12, 2015 at 1PM Pacific, I have a total of 25,216 page views since the beginning of time (Dec.2010). The most-visited article is the one I wrote on the Magic Jack device. At present, I have 4 people that have joined my blog, two more than when I wrote my 100th post. Of those, three of them I know personally and the fourth I have no idea who he (or she) is. Just yesterday, I received my first comment in many months—again from someone I do not know, commending me for my articles. (Again, this blog is more a personal exercise to keep my mind active and my writing skills sharp than it is to impress anyone.)

The last paragraph in my 100th-post article mentioned future plans. This time I actually do have some articles in the works. As my regular readers know, every year I set myself a goal to read the Bible completely within one year. At present, I am nearing the end of Genesis and am working on a series of articles examining the events surrounding Joseph, the son of Jacob (Israel). Specifically, I am writing about the life-lessons we all can gain from those events. I've looked at many other blog writers’ sites and noted they lasted maybe at the most one year. So, for being an man in his 60’s and dealing with severe health issues, I am actually very pleased with my accomplishments here.

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