Thursday, January 1, 2015

Filthy Rich But Spiritually Poor

I knew I had an immeasurable treasure in my faith, but last night that I came to even a greater appreciation of it. My wife and I were channel surfing, looking for something worth watching. After determining that there wasn't anything intelligible to view, I handed the remote to my wife. She started watching “The Filthy Rich Guide….” 

At first I had no interest, I went to the computer and started working on a couple ideas I’ve been developing. But then I heard something that caught my attention. It was a psychologist analyzing the psyche of rich people--why they spend so wastefully. His observation is that in reality, they are bored. He cites a statement by one of the billionaires he analyzed that said exactly that--he is bored. He has made more money than he can spend in a lifetime, he has traveled and enjoyed the finest of everything, so he needs thrills to stimulate his thought and adrenaline. 

I cannot imagine being bored. I have so much to do--and yet my funds are considerably more limited and my health restricts me even more. My situation compared to theirs would be akin to Morgan Freeman’s role as the mechanic compared to Jack Nicolson's role as the billionaire in the movie The Bucket List. But two big differences between me and those billionaires is: 1) I have a life-rudder known as faith, whereas they seem to act rudderless (based on my observations from the show). Except to be driven to riches, fame, and fun, there is nothing that guides them and they have no idea how to find that guidance. 2) I have a quest for knowledge and the desire to share that with others, whereas they prefer fun and self-indulgence instead of modest, gracious, and generous living--aiding those less fortunate. Although they may contribute funds to various good-will agencies, they personally are not involved. If they were, they might not live so frivolously.  

I continue to be thankful for the wonderful knowledge I've come to have. I am thankful to Jehovah for the brain he gave me and the heart-desire to protect my knowledge and my relationship with Him. Would I accept money if it were offered, yes, but not in place of the wealth I have in the things I've already mentioned. Peace, contentment, calmness of heart--those things money will never buy.

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