Friday, January 9, 2015

Genesis 22:14 Provided in God's Mountain

Genesis 22:14 “And Abraham named that place Jehovah-jireh. This is why it is still said today: 'In the mountain of Jehovah it will be provided.'”

That which was originally provided to Abraham was a ram in place of sacrificing his only son (from his wife Sarah). This whole experience was a test on Abraham's unconditional love and obedience to his God. But focus on the latter part of the verse, "in the mountain of Jehovah it will be provided." Some Bible translations fix this as the later location of Jerusalem. Some research works and maps agree. Specifically, the Bible fixes this as the site of Solomon’s temple. Later, it would be prophetically written that ‘the mountain of … God will be raised above all others and people will stream to it.

The phrase (in both Isaiah and Micah) “in the final days” refers to the period just before what Daniel spoke of in chapter 2, verse 44. Yes, just before God removes earthly governments and sets up his own direct rulership (through Jesus), people would indeed be streaming to God’s holy mountain. But is that a physical location?

Jesus, in talking with the Samaritan woman at the well, answered that question by stating that true worship would not be limited to a specific location, but it would be a unity of belief, a unity of “spirit and truth.” Unity and truth are not something shared amongst all the religions claiming to be Christian. The very reason so many factions of purportedly Christian religions exist is because they disagree on one or more beliefs. That fact should make it evident to Bible readers that the “one faith” can only refer to exactly that--one religion, one religious faith.

So what religious group do you know of that is globally united in spirit and truth? If you cannot think of any, then you have never actually associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses BECAUSE they are the only one that are unreservedly convinced they are such a group. This is one of the main reasons they engage in their public ministry--they KNOW they have found “the truth.” In fact, the most adamant about this conviction usually comes from those that have converted from other religions.

Coming back to the saying “In the mountain of Jehovah it will be provided.” In a spiritual sense this is true of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The “mountain” of spirit and truth has reached such proportions that people all over the globe are streaming streaming to it. Just as Abraham was provided with what was needed to worship God correctly, we are provided all the tools we need to completely and properly worship God. The “it” that is provided includes all the benefits that this worldwide brotherhood offers: Comfort from the scriptures, support from the congregations, valuable education, and much more. After more than 40 years of service to my God Jehovah, in cooperation with the global brotherhood, I can readily claim that “it” has indeed been provided in the mountain of Jehovah.

Note: Visit and click in the upper right corner to see a list of all the languages (700 as of this writing) we reach today. We do this because we are convinced that everyone indiscriminately deserves to hear the good new. How many languages does your religion employ in reaching the masses of people?

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