Friday, January 9, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Observations

I just finished watching my umpteenth speculative video on what the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note5 might look like. None of these concepts are at all imaginative or truly creative. Not even one takes into consideration the reports (1) (2) of a factory specifically built to create truly bendable phones. Nor has any of them run with the idea proposed in the concept video that Samsung themselves put out at CES 2013.

Personally, if Samsung’s upcoming phones are not truly bendable, I will think seriously about changing to HTC or LG if they manage to release a bendable phone. Given that Samsung's financial report for end of 2014 indicated a 60% drop in profits, if they don't see that as a HUGE warning sign that they need to do something wild and creative this year, they may as well board up the windows.

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