Monday, January 5, 2015

Understanding God Calms Our Hearts

Before you read the second paragraph, please note that I am not saying that those associated with true Christianity don’t themselves have emotional and psychological issues. Of these, most are converts to true Christianity and still have a great deal of baggage they are carrying around. Still others may actually have biological and other issues that require them to be on medication. However, for the most part, true Christianity does indeed transform and emotionally heal those applying the Bible’s counsel. I have seen even those with severe mental and emotional issues slowly growing into strong and determined people. So now for my observation:

How does true Christianity affect the lives of those who live by Bible standards? Serving God elevates, dignifies, and gives us real purpose in life. We live with the long-term focus of everlasting life and aspire to elevate ourselves to honorable conduct and to please our God. This is in contrast to those that abandon themselves to hopeless hedonistic pleasures. While they may appear to be carefree and having fun, in truth they seem incapable of facing the realities of life. They are afraid to be bored or to even have a quiet moment to themselves because they have to face their personal fears. Those that can no longer run from their own confusion, disappointments, and fears find themselves on psychiatrists’ couches.

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