Monday, February 27, 2017

Chicken or the Egg- Which First?

It is a common mind teaser: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” I’ve heard it repeated multiple times. Each generation of young children think they are the first to hear it and will ask us older ones the question. That made me wonder, “Has evolutionary science tackled the question?” Sure enough. Before looking it up though, I tried to second-guess what evolutionists would say. I laughed when I discovered I was 100% correct. Essentially, they dodge the question by saying “both.” How is that possible? Although I did indeed confirm it on a few sites, a Wikipedia article surmised it very concisely: A bird that was the predecessor of the modern day chicken (the parent), laid an egg that was a chicken (the offspring). When I read baloney like this, I wonder how anyone can swallow the evolutionist’s ideas. First of all, anyone that knows anything about evolution will claim that small, almost indistinguishable changes took place over eons of time. It was not / is not the case of “papa was not a chicken, but sonny boy is.” It would have had to have been that papa was a chicken and mama was a chicken and sonny boy was hatched a chicken with some minor change, maybe not even outwardly visible, that made him a little different (read “birth defect”) than the parents. And then, as the evolutionists would tell the story, for some baffling unknown reason, chickens ceased changing.

Next up, those believing in creation. Again, my guess was they would (should) pick the adult chicken. The reason would have to be the creation account. As noted in Genesis 1:21, God created the “winged flying creatures.” Over eons, did small genetic changes take place? Possible. One thing that comes to mind is the modern-day crossbreeding of dogs or cats to arrive at a supposed new breed. But crossbreeding doesn’t change the species nor can it in any way be thought of as evolutionary.

But then I had to wonder if the question was less about chickens and more about “Did adults or babies come first?” I suppose one reason the evolutionists would never say it was the adult that came first is because they would have to answer the question “Where?” Yes, “where did it come from?” Since they’d never be able to answer that question and maybe even because they just want to be disagreeable when it comes to what God states, they choose to say the child came first (or, even more outlandish, ‘they both came first.’) As far as the human species is concerned, there is ample scriptural evidence that they were made (Adam, then Eve) as a singularly unique couple. Not only is Creation hanging in the balance with this conclusion, but also mankind’s salvation.

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