Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Seeing the Invisible

I’ve never had the first-hand opportunity to use night-vision goggles but I’ve seen videos of what it is like. There were times when raising my children I would have liked to have had night-vision at home. Now, you’re right, I could have just turned on a light, but I didn’t. Sure enough, I found myself stumbling over some toy our children had left out (in spite of the numerous times we told them to “pick up your toys!” before going to bed).

Today, in this time of spiritual darkness, we need to find a way to “continue steadfast as seeing the one who is invisible.” (Hebrews 11:27) But we can’t use night-vision to see God. We need God-vision goggles. What is that (or, “are those”)? The phrase in Hebrews 11 was applied to Moses. So the easiest way to answer it is to look at the context. That passage identifies “faith” as our “God-vision goggles.” But it goes beyond that. These passages help us appreciate that closely following God’s direction (as found in the Bible) is also needed. To even pay attention to the Bible would require our trusting God (an element of faith). So at very least, faith, trust, and obedience, are all numerous lenses through which we “see the one who is invisible.” Engage all of them simultaneously and we have the clearest view into the invisible spirit realm that any human can have.

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