Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

In chapters 22 through 24 of Numbers, there is an extensive account of how Balak, king of Moab, tried to get Balaam to curse the nation of Israel who was passing through the area in their 40-year trek to their promised inheritance. But Jehovah intervened and Balaam was only able to pronounce blessings. The Israelites were safe! (At least one would think so.) Why the caution?

The scriptures do not say what Balak thought to do next, after failing so miserably with the attempt to curse Israel. Based on what happens in chapter 25, we can be sure Balak got a lot craftier with his attempts. Starting with verse one, we find out that the Israelite men started committing fornication with the Moabite women. As a result of Balak’s cunning, thousands lost their life when Balak succeeded in getting God to curse the nation of Israel because of Israel’s own disobedience.

This is a stark lesson for those claiming loyalty to God today. Where doctrinal assaults on our faith may fail, the fire of lustful desires might succeed. We need to be “ever on guard” to protect our extremely valuable relationship with Jehovah.

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