Friday, February 17, 2017

If Life Purposeless Why Argue Point?

Evolutionists and atheists--we who believe in a higher power hear you "loud and clear." You believe that we are self-deceived and uneducated, otherwise we would be like you.

So what are we to conclude?--That all the love & hate you can express in a lifetime; all the lifetimes of everyone living and those now dead; all the passion, learning and conviction you express about evolution really doesn't amount to even a grain of sand because evolution & our existence was all mere chance, has no deeper meaning and is therefore pointless? We merely came to be and will cease to exist all without there having been any value. If that is how pointless life is to you?

If so, why even bother to argue the point of a meaningless existence? If believers are self-deceived, and you are so intellectually convinced their beliefs will amount to nothing, then why not just leave them alone? After all, in the end you will have done nothing but waste your breath. Don't you have more important things to do than argue with ignoramuses? Oh wait, that's right, you don't have ANYTHING more important because its all meaningless. (I think if i believed as you do, I would seriously consider suicide seeing as once I came to realize how meaningless life is, I would not find any reason to continue mine.) Oh, and please don't preach to me that the reason for arguing is that religion is the main cause for hatred among mankind and that ridding the earth of religion would be a good thing. While it is true that religious fanatics exist, so do godless fanatics, or what do you suppose atheistic states such as Russia and others are all about? Their atrocities against humanity are likewise well documented.

Consider: Would a world comprised of nothing but atheists bring peace & kindness to all humankind or would it be a world filled with anarchy, selfishness and fear? Since no one would be a recognized authority regarding morals, who would dictate what is right and wrong?

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  1. Bull's eye Bart! The philosophy that is the basis of such a view of human existence is Nihilism, a view expanded & refined by Friedrich Nietzsche, most notably. In the Evolutionist-Atheists denial of an intelligent Creative Mind behind creation (especially humankind), it becomes rather hard to avoid such conclusions about the purpose of life (or the lack thereof).

    If 'great' thinkers of history, in trying to make sense of the puzzle of life & existence, would just simply not deliberately discard those puzzle pieces that account for "God" beforehand, man-made philosophies as these would themselves be exercises in meaninglessness and purposelessness.

    But the root of the matter isn't a philosophical or intellectual one's a moral one. After all, the sinful Lawbreaking human, estranged from his Creator by his own sinfulness, hates the idea of being held accountable to a transcendent moral Law (as he inherently knows right & wrong, as God built that moral compass into the human). Thus logically, to escape this Moral accountability, it is necessary to first do away with the existence of the Moral Law's Author, namely God Himself.