Monday, February 6, 2017

Unmatched Generosity

Have you ever been a guest at someone’s home that was so generous you practically begged, “PLEASE! STOP! I can’t eat anymore!”? Yet, even then they still kept bringing more AND encouraging you to eat? While God would never encourage gluttony, there is a promise in Malachi that shows the type of character he has. In context, he was encouraging the Israelites to obediently bring their sacrifices as prescribed by the Mosaic Law. As a reward for their obedience (in what appeared to be difficult economic times), he promised: "see whether I will not open to you the floodgates of the heavens and pour out on you a blessing until there is nothing lacking." (NWT) (Other versions) The point is that God’s generosity is not measured out, apportioned, meager.

Then I began to reflect on what indication we have that such a promise is trustworthy, true, reliable. The first example I thought of was the provision of manna. Exodus 16:18 says that everyone had enough to satisfy them. On top of that, this wasn’t just a small one-time gesture. It continued 40 years until they entered the Promised Land. Even though the manna was supplying their dietary needs, at one time the crowd complained because they wanted something different. Jehovah provided quail. Was it a small amount? By NO means – try a full month’s worth! Although there are other examples of Jehovah’s generosity, for my final example, I will cite his son’s actions. The Bible mentions two times when Jesus provided so much food that when the leftovers were collected, it amounted to a large surplus. Imagine feeding thousands of people and yet there were still leftovers!

My point? Neither Jehovah nor Jesus are stingy when being generous. They are also generous indiscriminately. It is a fine example for those who want to imitate their heavenly Father.

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